Our Birthday Present {TRADITION}

When I was planning Chandler’s 1st birthday party, I received some of the best advice from another mommy friend. Don’t open gifts at the birthday party! A lot of thoughts went through my head . . . What? Wouldn’t people be upset? That’s outrageous! Can I do that? What would I say? Wait, this is a party that I’m throwing. This is my kid. I can do whatever I want, right? . . . then I evaluated the positives of this {TRADITION} . . . No mad chaos or envy with the other children guests at the party, more time spent actually partying with friends & family, all the gifts and cards would remain intact until we can get them home & properly go through them while making sure to write down every gift and every gift giver to ensure they receive a proper {THANK YOU} card.

I knew that if I was going to start this {TRADITION}, that I had to start it with the 1st birthday party . . . there was no turning back if I allowed gift opening at the 1st birthday party. I made the decision, stuck with it & to this day I am sooooooo {HAPPY} about my decision!

Chandler loves opening his presents! He takes his time & I feel that he fully gets to appreciate each gift instead of being rushed to open the next one. After all, I’m a mom that is constantly looking for opportunities to teach life lessons and I felt bad the one time that I tried to rush Chandler to open his gifts, I felt like I was teaching him that instant gratification is acceptable. Chandler takes {ALL DAY} to open his Christmas presents, literally 8-9 hours & I’m okay with that.

Since his birthday party ended kind of late last night, he got to wake up this morning & open his gifts in his {JAMMIES}. We had a blast! Half way through, Chandler took a break to eat his {BIRTHDAY} waffles & play with some of his new toys. Then, we went back to opening gifts . . .

Presents-1 Presents-2


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